InterLiga no more

i-04e4b6b1b6b7e5e06432732c44f36a1f-interligalogo0001.jpgWhen the tournament’s demise finally came it went as quietly as it had existed – at least in the eyes of the English-language media – and will likely not be missed by its participants that often didn’t want to play yet more games around the holiday season.

The elimination of InterLiga, which determined two of Mexico’s three participants in the Copa Libertadores was announced Monday in Mexico.

Derided as a manufactured tournament that was seen in some quarters as little more than a calculated ploy to extract money from Mexican-Americans desperate to see their favorite clubs and players from south of the border on American soil, InterLiga nevertheless attracted some of the biggest crowds and most fervent fans to Home Depot Center, although it often had trouble attracting spectators elsewhere in the U.S.

The existence of the tournament – rumored to be folding even as what turned out to be the final tournament was being played in January – was not noted on the Website of MLS (at least that I could find), at one time one of its biggest supporters; the tournament’s Internet site has also vanished.

Still, if it will be little missed by most, freeing up a precious few days in the crowded soccer calendar, InterLiga will be remembered for producing some exciting games (and Herculez Gomez will remember it for giving him his first games with Puebla this year that put him on the path of seriously contending for a World Cup spot).

Review the history of the tournament here and relive this blog’s coverage of the tournament locally here.

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