Tuesday’s Column, sign of the times (part 2), a World Cup calendar & more

i-8518703e6c527cbb2f9dc1922474d8f8-sportsauthority0001.jpgSign of the (World Cup) times: Clint Dempsey towers over the corner of Torrance Boulevard and Amie Avenue in Torrance (Photo by staff photographer Sean Hiller)

Every four years, non-soccer beat writers generally roll out two types of columns.

One version sneers at the game, the other embraces it with a “I had no idea how good soccer was” cluelessness like we should all be thrilled with the writer’s discovery. By now, both are annoying.

So I decided a more subversive approach was needed.

The end result: a soccer column for non-soccer fans, although hopefully you folks who love the game will be entertained, too. Even those of us who are fans of the U.S. team and are realistic (pessimistic?) about it’s World Cup hopes need a little perspective, too.

Sadly, the sign above is a rare sight in a Lakers-obsessed town and nothing compared to the support, for instance, the English are showing their team. But it’s a start.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what the sign of the times (part 1) is click here.

In other World Cup related news:

*Here’s an update on Mexico (and other nations) ahead of Friday’s World Cup opener.

*Here’s more on the return of DaMarcus Beasley.

*Here’s a link to an excellent calendar passed along to me by a reader: it’s pretty cool showing games by nation, day, World Cup group and location. Very helpful stuff, concisely presented.

*If we’ve had photos of soccer players in their undies on the cover of Vanity Fair, what’s wrong with a Wine Spectator article on not only their South African wine recommendations, but players like Landon Donovan talking about their appreciation for a good red.

Finally, Chivas USA has put tickets on sale to their upcoming SuperLiga games.

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