English anguish: The reaction to the England performance the day after the night before

i-b0ff937b7498e1b93bea5aac93c11440-capellopoints.jpgFabio Capello: “You, yes you, you’re rubbish you are.” (AP Photos)

The main challenge appeared to be finding suitable synonyms for “unbelievably atrocious:”

* The Sun said:

“Never in the field of World Cup conflict has so little been offered by so few to say many (with apologies to Winston Churchill).”

i-5bc761d6d2fde00772f87ff312c93357-princes.jpgPrince William: “Harry old bean, do we really want to rule over this shambles?”

*Said the Daily Record:

“After the most tedious 90 minutes of the tournament it might be best for the beautiful game if England are put out of their misery as soon as possible.”

*Quoth The Independent:

“Last night England were the nation’s collective worst nightmare, a sleepwalking shambles who are now third in group C and must face up to the prospect of World Cup elimination.”

*Chimed in the BBC:

“The fact that a bird flew into the middle of the action and landed on the top of Algeria’s net, then perched blissfully undisturbed, was a fitting symbol of England’s impotence.”

I’m just glad it didn’t start building a nest.

You can listen to me – exhausted, emotionally spent and pissed off as I was – on “The People’s Game” podcast on KPFK.

And here are a few words from England’s long-suffering fans:

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  • Studs Up

    England should go like the rest of the world and natuarilze some latin players and/or eastern European players to breathe life in to it’s ever-stale game. This teams reminds us all of how terrible the English league was before EU.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    The whole hilarious irony in all of this is that the English FA renewed Capello’s contract through Euro 2012.

    BTF, if Beckham were healthy and playing, do you think he would pull the same childish shenanigans he did with the Galaxy in 2008?