Friday Football: Waiting for the (World Cup) weekend

I know why most of you are here, let’s get straight to that:

Me, I’ll take the Dutch 2-1 over Spain with David Villa and Wesley Sneijder sharing the Golden Boot. So, that’s the kiss of death to the Dutch then.

By the way, Paul picked Germany over Uruguay (and I agree).

Where are you going to watch?

Click at top right for a map of suggested viewing locations.

Click here for a list of Galaxy-sponsored viewing parties including an outdoor one in downtown Pasadena.

A reminder: the Regal Long Beach 26 is showing both games this weekend in 3D.

To buy tickets, click here.

A loyal 100 Percent Soccer reader took in a game. Here’s a review Studs Up kindly e-mailed to me:

It was interesting. Reminded me a lot of the old days when we used to watch(World Cup games) on closed-circuit TV. The projected picture is still not brilliant and the 3D experience was minimal. They used a lot of field-level camera angles to create more depth and thus enhance the 3D effects. The problem was that the cameras they used for that were set up along the goal-lines and switching back and forth between them and the normal wide angle view was very distracting. The continous flow of the game was lost for me.

Overall, it was interesting to see it once. Ticket price was $21 including the 3D glasses. They do not use the ESPN production and commentary. Single announcer, English, and NO commercials.

I know my review was not very positive but looking back, I’m glad I did it. Theatre was pretty full and people we’re into it. Surround sound was good and the experience was quite different than watching on it on TV. You do get the sense on how big the stadium is with those field level shots.


I’ll be at the Red Car Restaurant & Brewery in Old Torrance Sunday, which will open an hour early for the game and serves an excellent breakfast burrito.

On Saturday I’ll watch with the Germans at Alpine Village near Torrance. Doors open at 8 a.m. for breakfast.

Incidentally, it looks like this will be the last World Cup to use the current referee system.

There are other games this weekend on TV:

*4:30 p.m. Saturday prime Galaxy at New England

*5:30 p.m. Saturday KDOC Chivas USA at Kansas City

*7 p.m. Saturday Fox Soccer Channel Cruz Azul-Club America from the Rose Bowl

More on that game here.

No prizes for guessing who picked up former Chivas USA striker Maicon Santos, who was waived earlier this week by the club: Preki’s Toronto. Preki, of course, signed the Brazilian for Chivas USA last season.

Incidentally, if you’re wondering who the scoring threat is for goal-shy New England, click here.

Also, is it possible to combine building soccer fields with providing clean water for people? Yes.

i-5ebce4823241d8f51ed981eb595f34dc-soccerpitch.jpg Soccer fields like this one, could provide clean drinking water (Photo by Staff Photographer Robert Casillas).

Finally, read why soccer is the most American of sports here.

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