And the ESPY goes to …

i-28a27ea7883dfbc599ed15f59d98ae33-capt.-espy-0.jpgFrom left, Edson Buddle, Jonathan Bornstein, Benny Feilhaber, Stuart Holden, Carlos Bocanegra, Steve Cherundolo, Maurice Edu and Jozy Altidore pose with the award for Best Moment in the press room at the ESPY Awards tonight in Los Angeles (AP Photo).

Yeah, I think these completely artificial awards are lame too, a thinly-veiled excuse to fill up TV time after the MLB All-Star game, as a colleague pointed out this week.

Still, sometimes these awards say more than intended: For instance, the U.S. Men’s National Team won “Best Moment” for its 1-0 victory in stoppage time against Algeria in the team’s final group match that gave the U.S. a place in the Round of 16.

More than a “best moment” is needed really, though, by the U.S.

Landon Donovan, who scored the winning goal against Algeria, also won the Castrol Performance Under Pressure and Best MLS Player awards. (His date for the night was – his soon to be ex-wife? – actress Bianca Kajlich).

“The comment I’ve received more than any other is ‘thank you for inspiring us and inspiring our country,'” said Donovan during his acceptance speech at the Nokia Theater at LA Live. “I believe it takes two to tango and I want to say on behalf of all of us, thank you for allowing us to inspire you guys. You put everything else aside to let us inspire you, so thank you so much.”

Depressingly notable: The ESPY awards have been given out annually since 1993

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  • Frank

    OT- Hi Nick! You must be taking a few well deserved days off. Good for you! Anyway, there is a buzz going around because of what was said yesterday by Dave Checketts… You have any thoughts or news on this? In the meantime, enjoy your time off.

    Dave Checketts (RSL) on a sports radio show – “I expect, by the way, Major League Soccer to make another announcement in the next couple of days about another very big world superstar coming to our league – not to our team, I don’t want to mislead anybody. But another one of our teams is going to make a major investment and that will be a big announcement in the next couple of days.

    “I would imagine that this guy’s coming to L.A. and you’ll all recognize who he is,” revealed Checketts. When asked by the show’s hosts if the mystery player may be a certain Brazilian, Checketts responded coyly, “I think he might.

  • Chuck

    Why the hell did Bocanegra wear that awful/tacky light brown shoes with that nice Armani looking elegant suit? And he’s been living in France for how long now? Come on show some taste?

  • Fat Ronaldo

    Shhhhh …

    (I hear they serve bacon wrapped hot dogs outside your stadium.)