CONCACAF Champions League final: Islanders at Galaxy

Galaxy 1 Puerto Rico Islanders 4

The Islanders may be called “the Grave Diggers,” but the Galaxy largely dug their own grave in this one.

I don’t mean to take anything away from the second division club team who played a fine game and scored some excellent goals, but the Galaxy’s deficiencies throughout the team tonight were readily apparent.

This is the first time the Galaxy has conceded four goals since the 6-3 home lashing by Dallas in September 2009.

How bad was it? In four MLS games in July the Galaxy allowed six goals representing 60 percent of their season total in goals conceded (as well as another pair in the U.S. Open Cup).

After tonight’s game the Galaxy has allowed a dozen goals this month alone after keeping nine clean sheets in their first 11 games of the season.


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  • ben

    taking every competition seriously…
    see US Open Cup and now the CCL…

    Nick, any chance you can dig around and find out why Klein hasn’t even been on the game day roster/bench recently?

    Is he injuried or in the doghouse with BA?

  • Inigo Montoya

    Ugh. Embarrassed. Worse than the Dallas game last year — not a single redeeming feature.

    I repeat what I said last weekend about Leonardo on the back line. I don’t get it.

  • Klein has been getting less and less playing time of late. I don’t think he’s in Arena’s “doghouse,” he’s just going with Stephens, Juninho, etc instead of Chris (and Mathis).

    But I’ll check after Sunday’s game with Bruce.

  • Ben

    very kind of you, thanks Nick.

    I think everybody understands that Klein is no longer gonna play the full 90 or appear in every game, but since there are no informations at all on him being rested, injuried or otherwise is weird.

    Mathis on the other hand has injury problems (knees) and maybe will have to retire.