Poll: Who should be the next Chivas USA coach?

Who should be the next Chivas USA coach?
Steve Sampson
Jesse Marsch
Octavio Zambrano
Jurgen Klinsmann
Carlos Juarez
Doesn’t matter. Chivas USA should leave town.
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  • Michael

    The choices you offer are boring, show NO imagination, and the mere suggestion of Steve Sampson shows your lack of basic knowledge. Shame on you Nick.
    How about the anti-sampson, HUGO PEREZ, Wim Suurbier, to name a few talented, proven people instead of the tired old retreads you suggest Nick. Geez, have you learned nothing all this time? Why are you bringing up Juegen? Chances are 000000 he would coach this mess.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/soccer Nick Green


    Let’s see: Hugo Perez was last seen coaching a Spanish Division 2 team to a tepid mid-table position and Wim Suurbier, who kicked around a few U.S. clubs two decades or so ago, is an assistant coach with that well-known powerhouse, the Albanian national team.

    Those are imaginative choices to be sure. But are they grounded in reality?

    Your criticism of my choices was interesting because I’ve long accused MLS teams of being extremely conservative with their coaching selections.

    So the choices in the poll were based on who I think Chivas USA might consider – and were therefore conservative.

    One name I didn’t mention: UCLA Coach Jorge Salcedo.

    No retread, he.

  • Studs Up

    I should coach the Goats. I’m smarter than Bruce Arena.

  • kingsnake

    I don’t know about that, but definitely smarter than Steve Sampson. Matter of fact, what I just scooped out of the cat box is smarter than Sampson …