Book review: “Soccerland”


Guest book reviewer and Torrance resident Paige Brandt, 14, is a freshman at South High and a goalkeeper for the Under-16 Silver Elite Palos Verdes SC Exiles. In her spare time, she enjoys playing volleyball and reading.

We asked Paige to review the book “Soccerland” by Beth Choat, a novel aimed at teenage girls:

When trying out for the Under 15’s National Team, Flora Dupre was competing with a hundred other soccer driven girls to show coaches why they should make the national team.

The book “Soccerland” by Beth Choat gives girls the message that if you work hard you can accomplish anything. This book relates to many girls who come from a small town and have big dreams with their soccer career. The story was believable not just because the story shows you that it doesn’t matter what your background is, all that matters is that you work hard and dream big.


I would recommend this well written book that draws you in from the first sentence to anyone who plays or loves the game.

“Soccerland” is not limited to just “soccer players”; this book shows a young girl chasing her dreams.

The book gives girls hope that if you work hard and want to go big with your soccer career anything can happen. The characters in “Soccerland” were lifelike, they all pertained to people you would meet when you went to a soccer academy.

“Soccerland” is a book to read for anyone who loves soccer or just loves to read!

The book is available here.

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