Chivas USA President and CEO Shawn Hunter resigns


When a company executive says they are stepping down from their post to spend more time with their family, it’s usually a euphemism for “I’ve been fired.”

But when Chivas USA announced late Tuesday afternoon that President and CEO Shawn Hunter, right, was stepping down from the position he has occupied for the past three years with the goal of spending more time with wife, Deidre, and their two sons, Dillon and Daulton, that really was the reason he had decided to leave, club sources said.

Significantly though, the club did not describe his departure in those terms – perhaps that double meaning is all too well known.

But when Hunter took the job after leaving Galaxy-owner Anschutz Entertainment Group he had just built a home in Colorado and was transitioning to living there.

The idea was he would shuttle on Mondays and Fridays between home and Southern California. In reality, weekend games and other committments meant Hunter sometimes went two or three weeks without seeing his wife and kids.

Hunter will continue in an advisory capacity – he is the main architect of Chivas USA’s sponsorship, broadcasting, and community outreach – but you can bet he won’t be doing a lot of that advising in person.

“The Chivas USA ownership gave me tremendous support, and I am proud of our accomplishments over the past three years,” Hunter said. “The Chivas brand is one of the most powerful in the world of soccer and I am excited to continue assisting the club. I also want to thank the passionate Chivas USA fans, who are among the best in all MLS.”

Hunter, if I recall correctly, was given a small ownership stake in the club when he joined the franchise. What will become of that now is unclear.

“We were very happy when Shawn agreed to join Chivas USA in 2007, and he has done great things for our organization ever since,” said Chivas USA Investor-Operator Antonio Cu. “His hard work and dedication to this club has helped us develop and grow in many different ways, and we’re glad that he will continue to assist us moving forward.”

From the Chivas USA press release:

Under Hunter’s leadership, the club became one of the first in league history to broadcast every match on television in both English and Spanish, attained a position as one of MLS’s top-sponsored teams, and also introduced a number of innovative grassroots initiatives including the Jerseys Off Our Backs program, the Chivas at the Park youth clinics with the City of Los Angeles, and Chivas USA’s Practice in the Community Series.

But he never quite attained the success he saw at, for instance, the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes and Colorado Avalanche, which both saw significant attendance increases during his tenure at the franchises, although, to be fair the Great Recession wasn’t on at the time either.

Incidentally, Stephen Hamilton, vice president of soccer operations, will begin interviewing candidates for the vacant coaching position this week, I was told.

That coach will become Chivas USA’s fifth coach in six years, replacing the fired Martin Vasquez, the first-year Mexican-American coach who led Chivas USA to six losses in its last seven games.

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    Thanks for letting me know about the issue.

  • Studs Up

    What accomplishments? Team sucks and they can’t draw. Rebrand them as Cosmos and send them to Queens already.

    PS – Nick, et al – does anyone else have as much trouble as me posting here? It takes too many attempts and it times out real quick for me. Getting a bit frustrating.

  • kingsnake

    I believe the proper verb is “mutually consented”, as in “Shawn Hunter was mutually consented”, because no one *ever* resigns, or quits, or is fired. (Except on Trump’s show.) They all “leave by mutual consent”. As if we are stupid enough to believe it.

    Btw, I swear I enter the captcha correctly, yet half the time it tells me I am wrong …

  • kingsnake

    LA has, what, 8 million people metro? And Chivas could not find a qualified person to run the team that actually resides there? Instead they have to bring in a guy from 1000 miles away, who will be distracted, stressed from the travel, and not really understand the market? Is it any wonder Chivas have problems? (Much like a company I used to work at, where the CEO commuted from 2000 miles away …)

  • Shawn Hunter wouldn’t voluntarily leave a $600K salary job. He didn’t increase attendance either; paid attendance went down when he joined the team. Chivas is #1 in ticket giveaways in the league. Also, he has had another home in the southbay for quite a while. Traveling wasn’t killing him. The employees of the company suffered at the expense of Shawn Hunter, and they drove good people away. This is a team and business in disarray. The owners won’t bring good leadership to this team. The only reason for their existence is to sell the team when the cost of buying an MLS team rises to recoup all the losses. Since MLS is finished adding teams, someone who thinks they can do it better will buy the team at a better price than Chivas paid and move the team. This is a guarantee!

  • Chivas #1 Fan

    I am really glad the ownership group made this very important change. Mr. Hunter did not increase attendance or make an impact during his time at Chivas. Now the team can bring in new leadership that will rebuild the team.