FSC’s “Soccer Talk Live” killed

Good riddance, too.

That weak effort with its cheesy set, pointless sidekicks and weird guests (a speed skater?) was just unwatchable.

Wouldn’t they do better with a smart aleck soccer columnist and blogger who at least asks hard questions (smirk)?

Here’s the AP story:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Kyle Martino’s new show on Fox Soccer Channel has been given the boot after less than three months.

“Soccer Talk Live,” starring the retired Galaxy midfielder, began airing Aug. 16. It replaced Eric Wynalda’s “Fox Football Fone-In” in the Monday night time slot and was an attempt to draw fans of the sport and pop culture.

Martino broadcast for ESPN Radio during the World Cup and said during the summer that FSC had committed to 42 hour-long segments. FSC spokeswoman Devon Sanceda said Thursday that just 10 segments aired, the last on Oct. 25.

FSC general manager David Nathanson said in a statement that Martino will be featured in future FSC productions, adding that the channel is looking for ways to “maximize ratings.”

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South Bay-based Los Angeles News Group soccer columnist and blogger Nick Green writes at the 100 Percent Soccer blog at www.insidesocal.com/soccer and craft beer at the Beer Goggles blog at www.insidesocal.com/beer. Cheers!
  • Studs Up

    I kinda liked the show, looking past it’s obvious low budget. At least that set was better than the mom and pop soccer store look for the previous phone-in show. Martino has more personality than all the drab personnel on FSC put together. Better presented it may have lasted longer.

    Re a smart aleck host, they had that with the stupid Steven Cohen who was booted out. You don’t need to go that route.

    No offense, but what’s with all the Brits taking over the TV shows? Even in place of Larry King no less! Do producers somehow think the accent brings some sort of authenticity to their shows? Or maybe they’re trying to make up for years of casting them as the bad guys in movies. Really weird. How do you see it as an ex pat?

  • I find the accents annoying (mine included) 🙂

  • kingsnake

    Kyle Martino is the worst soccer announcer in the USA. Pompous twit. I’d rather listen to Harkes’ idiocy any day.

    1st attempt – gxz24g
    2nd attempt – cguw5s