Friday Kicks: Galaxy-Sounders Western Conference semifinal at Home Depot Center

i-d4a084ce0d3585b68b06f28393196b0d-hdcnite0000.jpgWhen Sunday comes: Carson’s Home Depot Center hosts the MLS playoff decider against Seattle.

*The Galaxy’s Omar Gonzalez lost out on the MLS Defender of the Year award today to Real Salt Lake’s Jamison Olave.

*The Seattle Sounders are tired heading into Sunday’s pivotal playoff game in Carson – no other MLS club has played more competitive matches this year – but not tired enough to want to play two more games after this weekend. Story here.

*For a complete guide to televised soccer this weekend click the Live Soccer TV link to the right, but the Colorado-Columbus decider is 1 p.m. Saturday on Telefutura, while Dallas is at Real Salt Lake 7 p.m. Saturday on Fox Soccer Channel.

*A newly-published purported guide to the Home Depot Center is here.

I link to it almost solely because the reviewer was foolish enough to sample the fare inside the stadium, but not smart enough to specifically mention the best food – the Pollo Campero, which is new this year.

The review inadvertently reveals its biggest problem – a guide to a stadium by someone who clearly had never ventured there before writing the piece and perhaps had never attended an MLS game (“while the 45 minute halves do not allow for the multiple promotions between innings or during timeouts…” – hey, no kidding).

And how someone can get the Riot Squad, ACB and Galaxians mixed up is beyond me.

At least the website owner where the review appears seems aware of its shortcomings – “My hope is to draw in readers who may offer their opinions on what we got right, and what we may have missed,” he e-mailed.

Since he asked: next time recruit a regular who can tell you where the free parking is near the stadium (“a bit away” does not cut it), where the best seats in the house are (section 232, rows AA-DD and seats 1-25, where you literally and spectacularly hang over the field from the second level) and where else you can find quality beer nearby other than the small, dive bar Off-Campus Pub across the street ( Alpine Village, five minutes away, which has a renewed emphasis on soccer, has 15 German-style beers on tap, while the Red Car Brewery in Old Torrance, 15 minutes away, is known for its excellent IPA and porter and is a Riot squad hangout before games.

Frankly, read Yelp if you want stadium info presented with a critical (and more accurate) eye.

*Finally, away from campus today the Cal State Dominguez Hills men have their season on the line.

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