The collected wisdom of U.S. Coach Bob Bradley

i-207bd60dc5d219ec4706cf9a99b13ac9-frowningbob.jpgAnd invariably the (insert modifier here) opportunities presented in his roster announcements ahead of upcoming U.S. Men’s National Team games are journalistic gems to be savored. Ahem.

Let’s play “spot the Bob Bradley banality.”

Here’s what Bradley said in announcing the roster today for the upcoming friendly in South Africa:

“This game is a good opportunity to look at some different players and assess their place in the pool as we continue to build for the next cycle.”

Here’s what Bradley observed Aug. 4 when the roster for the Brazil friendly in New York later that month was announced:

“This game is a great opportunity to showcase many players from the World Cup team who earned the respect and appreciation of fans across the country.”

Here are Bradley’s piercing insights into his roster selection announced Sept. 30 for the recent friendlies against Poland and Colombia:

“This is a fantastic opportunity to gather many of our players based in Europe and continue to build on the foundation we established during the last four years. We believe we have a strong nucleus of talented players, many of whom we are going to challenge to assume greater leadership roles during the next four-year cycle. We certainly have ideas on how we want to move forward, and these games will be the start of that process.”

Captain Bloody Obvious was back in a Feb. 25 press release revelaing the roster for the March 3 game against the Netherlands:

“This is a great opportunity for us to bring many of our European-based players together as we continue to finalize our plans for the World Cup roster. This is the final match before we bring the team together for the World Cup, so to have a match against one of the top teams in the world like the Netherlands is a big benefit and a good challenge for our group.”

Let us savor the opportunities presented by Bradley in a Feb. 4 press release announcing the roster for the game against El Salvador later that month: “These are important opportunities for these players as we continue to formulate our plans for the roster for the World Cup. This camp and the game against El Salvador provide a chance for the coaching staff to get one more long look at this group. ”

Here’s what bubbly Bob said back in November 2009 in announcing the roster for the Slovakia game:

“These matches present a terrific opportunity to continue building on the nucleus of our team, and at the same time evaluate more of the player pool against very good opponents. We are very pleased with what we have accomplished in a long and challenging year, and we move forward with the goal of getting ourselves ready to be a competitive team in the World Cup.”

And finally (are you still awake?) here’s what boring Bob imparted ahead of the two final CONCACAF World Cup qualifying games electrifying and inspiring fans with his opportunistic turn of phrase in an Oct. 1, 2009 press release:

“These are hugely important games for us as we have the opportunity to clinch a spot in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Each of these games presents an opportunity to advance, and we face two very different and difficult challenges against Honduras and Costa Rica. We have been preparing this group for the last three years to be ready for these situations, and we are confident in our ability to get the results we need to achieve our goal of qualifying for South Africa.”

I could go on, but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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