U.S.-Chile postgame wrap

U.S. 1 Chile 1

i-5323dde81a51ac44858f1578f08cd863-sweetmovestealjuan.jpgGood friends off the field, good partnership on it: USMNT camp roommates Teal Bunbury, right, and Juan Agudelo, who drew the foul for the PK, celebrates Bunbury’s penalty kick conversion at Home Depot Center Saturday that tied the game with Chile (AP Photo).

Reporter Phil Collin has the game story and more on the game’s most enduring impression – Juan Agudelo.

The first experimental game of the year is part of a “big puzzle” said U.S. Coach Bob Bradley, a “snapshot” that tells him “where guys are” but in the overall scheme of things doesn’t change much since “we saw a lot of what we know.”


“From the start of this camp we talked about how international games are faster so our movement needs to be better and things need to be cleaner,” Bradley said. “For the past few weeks we tried to establish an idea of what that’s like and today that’s exactly what we got. We had seven guys get their first cap tonight, so that’s always positive. When you have a young group of guys in camp, at the end of everything you want to put it to the test and it gives you a good picture of where these guys are, and I think that part was excellent.”

Notable: The seven Bradley mentioned were starters Sean Franklin, Jeff Larentowicz, Zach Loyd and Chris Wondolowski, and substitutes Sean Johnson, Anthony Wallace and Eric Alexander.

The U.S. goal:

Next up for the U.S.: Egypt in Cairo Feb. 9, then Argentina March 26 in New York and Paraguay March 29 in Nashville.

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  • Studs Up

    First off, great atmosphere at the game. One of the better turn outs of US supporters at this fixture. One can only wish for a better effort by USSF to promote and run these games. Couldn’t even get a lineup sheet without buying the $10 USSF annual.

    Must agree with Bradley’s decision to start with 5 midfielders in this game given the inexperienced roster. Very uneven performance across the board. The technical shortcomings of US players are still evident and that made evey minute of the game an adventure and a gut check. Diskerud and MaCarty had more better moments than bad ones so they stood out. The Wynne for Gonzales change at half time was very puzzling in that you don’t see a change of center backs in a normal game. Marvel is NOT a calming centerback inspite of playing that position with the Rapids. His helter-skleter style is better suited as a right back.

    The forced switch to a more familiar 4-4-2 around the 60 minute mark and injection of Bunbury/Agudelo as twin torpedos was what we were waiting for. Flair is something not normally associated with US attackers but these guys have it in abundance. Good party to the finish from there.


    I was definitely impressed with the size of the crowd. I bought my standard cheap seats a week after they went on sale and had to sit in the back of the section (101). I probably should have gotten more for my extra tickets too. I am usually lucky to get $5/ea from the scalpers. A guy in the parking lot offered me $10. I thought he meant $10 for all three tickets and talked him up to $15 for the 3, but now I think he actually meant $10/ea and I talked him down to $5/ea…. dohhhh

    Juan A. looked great (can’t figure out how to pronounce his last name). People seem impressed with Bunbury’s performance but I was not. The penalty shot was nice, but he seemed to lose the ball an awful lot. Ream looked decent on defense, but Gonzales looked sluggish. I thought Dax looked great in midfield. He took the fast pace real well, but the midfield is real crowded for the US. I doubt he will contribute much in the near future. I couldn’t figure out who Mix was so I can’t say I was impressed with his play. I thought Brek Shea showed a lot of flair (I initially thought he was Mix šŸ™ ), but the game sure picked up after he left. Not sure if that was his fault or it was the result of the change in tactics.

    The first half of the game reminded me of the Norway game a few years back. Only we were the tall sluggish team and our opponents were the small fast team.