Beckham delays Galaxy return by two weeks

i-243fef787fb6543c93d025c085f8d32c-beckhamwaves.jpgLooks like the Beckham tail is wagging the Galaxy dog again:

LONDON (AP) — David Beckham, seen at right leaving Tottenham’s practice ground last month, has extended his training stint with the EPL club for another two weeks.

The former England captain was set to return to the United States this week but the Premier League side says he will stick around until Feb. 22.

The 35-year-old midfielder will begin preseason training with the Los Angeles Galaxy on Feb. 24 in preparation for the Major League Soccer season.

Tottenham’s attempt to sign Beckham on loan last month faltered. But manager Harry Redknapp said he could try again when his contract with the Galaxy expires in November.

The Galaxy open their season March 15 in Seattle meaning Beckham will have been with the club less than a month before their season begins.

Ah well, at least you can’t question his commitment (to England).

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  • Studs Up

    Disgusting and disgusted. If Arena and Galaxy had any pride they would fine him and then dump his ass. Enough is enough. I’ll never cheer for him again no matter how many pretty passes he hits. Let’s see if Landon has to say as the captain also. I’ll lose respect for him too if he white-washes this one as well.

  • Benny Dargle

    It’s not a coincidence that he is returning to practice for the first post-Arizona trip practice at the HDC. Even when he was supposed to leave on Feb. 9th, he wasn’t scheduled to start practicing with the Galaxy until the 24th. He apparently wasn’t going to Arizona either way, so the extention of the training with Tottenham was inevitable.

  • ben

    too bad neither AEG (for whatever reason) nor he himself (see below as to why) want to part ways just yet.

    Don’t think to many G’s fans, possibly even at the G’s FO and teammates would be upset with him gone for good.

    Apparentley Beckhams MLS franchise purchase/buy in option for the 2007 price (10 million $ compared to 40 million $ nowdays) is only valid, if he fulfills his contract till the end of this year. Even if he doesn’t want to own (a part of) a team he still could resell it and pocket the profits.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    I hope the Riot Squad goes back to booing him every time he touches the ball, regardless of whether he’s playing in a league game or in anything else.

    Leiweke is star-struck and greedy. He was to drain as much lucre as he can from the Beckham dog-and-pony show before he rides into the sunset with the Toothless Lions. Right now, he probably doesn’t give a damn about Beckham because he’s so concerned with his stadium project.

  • Studs Up

    I should more mad at Arena than Beckham. His being evasive is more dishonest than Beckham wanting out. Arena is qouted in today’s LA Times as saying he knew weeks ago about Beckham’s delayed return. Why all the mystery? We all knew he is not in charge of any of this but he pretends to be after the fact. A poor attempt by a smug and not a very personable man. Try honesty Bruce, it will suite you.