Tuesday’s column: Ch-ch-ch-changes – Reconstructing Chivas USA

i-26366cbacafe2b0e07b156058fa6451e-conraddirects.jpgMan in the middle: Veteran central defender Jimmy Conrad was busy directing traffic for new club Chivas USA Monday at Home Depot Center in a scrimmage against the San Jose Earthquakes; he expects to do a lot of that this season as the club rebuilds its porous defense around the Temple City High product (Photographs by Staff Photographer Robert Casillas).

So much work, so little time. Chivas USA Coach Robin Fraser must get the club ready for the MLS season that begins next month. Read more here.

It’s easier to stop goals than score them so perhaps it’s not surprising the former Galaxy defender is starting there, new signing Jimmy Conrad said. But is Chivas USA capable of being an attacking threat, too?

“We’re doing pretty good at playing team defense, because that’s what we’ve been focusing on. It’s just in transition – can we go the other way? Can we make that one pass (to start an attack)? We’re making the OK pass, but there’s always a better one. Can can we find that one? I don’t know if were finding that quick enough right now. “

Fraser had this to say about his squad’s biggest strength – and biggest weakness – as of today:

“I’d say their biggest strength right now is their commitment,” he said. “Their biggest weakness is probably tactical awareness based on what we’re asking them to do. That’s normal given the entirely new approach.”

i-d005dad1ddeecb445bc2fd61c09c9839-alymoreno.jpgRunning man: Alejandro Moreno’s vaunted work ethic will be put to the test with Chivas USA this season.

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