Stupid soccer tricks: Of Power Rangers & bored Christian college students in the Deep South running amuck

This has nothing to do with Southern California soccer, but sometimes you just can’t resist stories like this – let alone make something like this up.

I’d like to poke fun at this story, but it’s hard to know where to start.

It’s a serious enough crime they would actually detain college students for doing something like this? In White County in Georgia? Really? Do we all feel safer now?

This is the sort of story that provides proof this country increasingly has no sense of humor and a very short fuse. And that’s the truly weird part.

Read it and weep howl (with laughter):

CLEVELAND, Ga. (AP) — Six men wearing costumes — four Power Rangers, a ninja and a Spider-Man — have been arrested and charged with disrupting or interfering with a girls’ high school soccer game in Cleveland, Ga., authorities said.

Players and coaches said they didn’t know what was going on, and were fearful as the men dashed onto the field and surrounded a goalie during Tuesday’s Gainesville vs. White County game.

White County Coach Nathan Adams said it was scary to see the men charge the field.

“It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in a sport event,” he said. “They were completely
covered, masks, all the way down to their feet.”

Gainesville coach Mark Wade now describes the ordeal as a “childish joke” but says he was concerned about his goal keeper during the chaotic scene.

“I was scared for her safety,” Wade told the Gainesville Times. “You immediately start
thinking about the bad things you see on TV.”

After they surrounded the goalie, spectators pursued the men into a wooded area where most were found behind a log cabin.

The men told sheriff’s officials they ran onto the field as a prank and that they were bored, a sheriff’s report stated.

The Gainesville High player who was surrounded wrote in her statement to deputies that one of the men proposed marriage.

“Words said were meant to be funny, but weren’t. ‘May I please take your hand in marriage?’,” she wrote in the report.

Two women were also arrested and accused of dropping off and attempting to pick up the men in a vehicle.

All eight suspects were booked into the White County Detention Center. Authorities say they are students at Truett-McConnell College, a private Christian college in Cleveland, Ga.

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  • mario

    Would love to see video of this.