The diverse face of MLS


Although not about soccer in LA per se, it seems apt to post this MLS-generated map that celebrate’s the league’s diversity on a blog that celebrates soccer in one of the nation’s most diverse cities.

From MLS:

“The total number of countries represented by place of birth – 57 – is the most of any of the “Big Five” sports leagues. The NBA, with players from 40 countries, is next. About 38 percent of current MLS players were born outside the U.S. and Canada; Major League Baseball is next at 26 percent.

Of the current MLS players born outside the U.S. and Canada, approximately 39 percent are from Central and South America, 25 percent are from Europe, 19 percent are from Africa, and 14 percent are from Caribbean nations.

Incidentally, I can’t vouch for the complete accuracy of the map.

Cuba’s Maykel Galindo, for instance, is no longer with Chivas USA despite what the map claims.


MLS officials observe Galindo remains under contract to Chivas USA through April, which is why he was included on the map even though he is no longer on the club’s roster.

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  • Soccer Fan


    I just heard the Seattle Sounders locked in Manchester United for their friendly. Any thoughts on who we might play?


    Wow, 12 players from Jamaica. I guess that has to do with the lack of a strong professional league there.

  • Funny you should ask. Check my latest blog post.