Media matters: The Galaxy’s David Beckham and Landon Donovan

i-a1f57fdef62210660a380ff5b9df66fe-tomnbecks.jpgA meeting of the minds: Tom Cruise and David Beckham greet each other at a recent Lakers game (AP Photo).

I’m guessing Galaxy teammates David Beckham and Landon Donovan don’t hang out much together outside the locker room.

That assumption was given further credence today when I belatedly noticed Landon Donovan has his own blog, although the understated site has not huge picture of its author

Beckham does too on his own website, which features a very large, pensive looking Becks apparently looking for his soccer ball (it’s behind you on the couch!).

But that’s where the similarity ends.

Here’s an excerpt from Beckham’s most recent post:

I’m back in LA now and we’re already a couple of matches into the new season. We won our opening match against Seattle 1-0, which was a hard-fought victory in Seattle in front of a passionate crowd who certainly know and love their football, all in all a great win.

And here’s a snippet from Donovan’s blog:

The moments that eat at you forever are the big games where you didn’t prepare properly, didn’t work hard enough, didn’t play well. For me, that happened in the 2006 World Cup. The team played poorly, I was awful and I was embarrassed by what happened. I just couldn’t get motivated to play and I had trouble figuring out why. The 2 weeks after the World Cup were incredibly difficult for me and I fell into a period of depression.

Instructive, no?

The former ‘Dear diary” style post tells you nothing about Beckham, the latter makes you want to know more about Donovan.

Hardly surprising, though.

Beckham has spent his time in LA palling around with celebs and appearing on vacuous talk shows to reinvent the English language (“we wuz”?) and talk about driving his children to school (gasp!).

Donovan apparently prefers spending evenings with books like the acclaimed “Letters to a Young Poet.”

Yeah, I’m guessing their paths don’t cross often off the field.

But guess who gets the magazine cover.

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  • klf

    Well, as long as Becks has more hair, what do you expect? (o;

  • Jen

    Watching them on the field, both Donovan and Becks pique my interest. But once they step off the field only Donovan continues to grab me.