Trade rumors: Ze Roberto a Goat?

i-f94161f6fdf782cb9df13025bf5bc511-ze-roberto-2009-7-1-6-51-6.jpgGoat meat? Could former Bayern Munich midfielder Ze Roberto be headed to Chivas USA? (AP Photo).

We’ve heard these Ze Roberto to MLS rumors before of course and just because a player’s agent expresses interest is often meaningless.

Especially in French (ahem) so here is the Google translation:

Out of contract with Hamburg (D1 Germany) in June, Z Roberto could slip in Major League Soccer, and more specifically to Chivas USA. A designated player contract of three years with an additional year was submitted to his agent, Jerome Meary. “He also offers in Qatar in Dubai and Germany. But he is hot to live in the United States and the challenge MLS pleases him enormously, ” he told us exclusively. Brazilian international midfielder of 36 years should meet its leaders by the weekend, and huge severance offers, except-cons, they could mean to his departure in June.

Well, at least he’s allegedly “hot” to be in the U.S.

Would Chivas USA loosen the purse strings and make Ze Roberto a DP, however?

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  • Soccer Fan

    I doubt it, Chivas USA are the LA Clippers of MLS.

  • Pocketkkings

    Every Dog has its day…

    Chivas USA
    2006 3rd
    2007 1st
    2008 2nd 2009 4th

    2006 5th
    2007 5th
    2008 6th

    Not bad for 3/6 years. I freely admit we haven’t got out of the first round, but the club is only 6 years old.

    Winning seasons, losing seasons… nothing lasts forever in MLS.