Salary cap issues prompt Chivas USA to take a pass on USMNT midfielder Feilhaber

The afternoon drama is over.

Chivas USA Coach Robin Fraser said acquiring a highly-paid player such as UCLA product Benny Feilhaber would have hindered the rebuilding of the team (which, let’s face it, needs a lot of help in different areas):

“This was a really difficult decision because we had to look at a number of factors, first and foremost being if we take him and accommodate his salary within our salary cap, how much is that going to limit us going forward. Certainly we’re looking to address some needs on the team, and having Benny would’ve been great in our midfield, because he’s a very, very good player, but the fact of the matter is his salary would’ve been so high that we wouldn’t have been able to make any adjustments going forward.”

Translation: We need a goal scorer more than a midfielder.

Is this also related to the possibility of Ze Roberto moving to Chivas USA?

More details here.

Maybe they need to talk to the Galaxy about juggling DP’s.

Or couldn’t they have just asked Justin Braun to take a paycut?

Suggestion for Chivas USA’s new slogan: We don’t need Benny Feilhaber in midfield, we have Simon Elliott.

Judging by the results of this poll, just 5 percent of you or so agree with Chivas USA’s reasoning.

What do you think of this decision?


The Philadelphia Union have also reportedly decided Feilhaber’s salary demands are too high and have passed on the opportunity to acquire him as well.

New England is up next in the allocation order, I believe.

Updated Wednesday

The Revs announced this morning they will keep the 26-year-old Brazilian native.

“We’re very pleased that Benny was available to us through the Allocation Process,” Vice President of Player Personnel Michael Burns said. “Benny is a talented, versatile player who instantly will make our team better. We’re looking forward to getting him into a Revolution uniform as soon as possible.”

The 1-2-3 Revs are sixth in the nine-team Eastern Conference.

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