Video: The beautiful and the ugly in MLS

Two nights, two very different MLS moments, both played out on national television.

First, here’s the ugly coming just a few minutes into Friday’s MLS game between the Seattle Sounders and the Colorado Rapids veteran Brian Mullan’s uncharacteristically brutal and potentially career-ending tackle on Steve Zakuani, one of the brightest young talents in the league, casting a huge shadow over the rest of the game:

The sound of the impact on television was absolutely sickening, by the way. Let’s hope Zakuani recovers fully and will soon be on the field again.

As an antidote, here’s perhaps one of the most stunningly gorgeous goals ever seen in MLS in the Thursday night game on ESPN2 between New York and D.C. United. It is very difficult not to gush effusively when it comes to Juan Aguedelo. An immense talent as this goal proves (yet again) in his nascent career:


*Mullan’s reaction to the injury.

*Zakuani’s status.

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