Tuesday’s column: To see Messi play is to see greatness

i-6ed99765b417bfe7dfbfa4465e192983-magicmessi.jpgAll that jazz: Lionel Messi blows past Real Madrid’s Marcelo last month in the Spanish Cup final (AP Photo).

Well, OK this was as much a homage to Lionel Messi as it is a column, but, well, I make no apologies for it: He’s that good.

It might seem incredible to soccer fans, but there are plenty of Americans who don’t know who Messi is or why they should care.

The newsroom’s resident Lakers fanatic was heading out the door to get home in plenty of time for their playoff game last night when I asked him if he knew who Lionel Messi was.

“Jazz singer?” he said only half-joking.

I wrote today’s column for the likes of him.


* Barcelona are through to the UEFA Champions League final.

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