Galaxy-Red Bulls postgame

Galaxy 1 Red Bull New York 1

i-95936f139a5a383638a179783312fb6b-starsjoke.jpgStar struck: The two biggest names in MLS, David Beckham and Thierry Henry, see the funny side of things after the game Saturday in Carson (AP Photo).

On a day in MLS that saw just eight goals scored in seven games and three scoreless draws, the Galaxy and New York Red Bulls turned on the style with one of the most entertaining and well-played games seen so far this season.

An announced capacity crowd of 27,000 (although there were noticeable patches of empty seats) at Home Depot Center saw an engrossing exhibition of flowing, often end to end action. The result may have been inconclusive, but it tees up the rematch, which is set for Sunday, Aug. 28 on ESPN2.

“It was a great game,” said Landon Donovan. “Your not going to see to many games like that in our league this year. I was impressed by how much they put into it to try to win the game. Most teams come here and try to defend for 90 minutes. It was just a good fast game.”

*Phil Collin has the game story.

* And in case you missed it tucked away in the last post, here’s the newly-released 2011 salary info Phil Collin mentioned.

i-f959c3802f7e9508907793d03c979fc7-becksdothprotest.jpgThe man doth protest too much: David Beckham strikes an increasingly familiar pose against New York Saturday. But he escaped a yellow card this time around (AP Photo).


“I think we’re learning this year that if we want to score a goal we have to score two goals,” said Landon Donovan. “If we want to score two goals we really have to score three or four. It’s unfortunate. You would have thought that at some point we would have got the benefit of the doubt, but it’s not happened yet.”


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    Wow, you’ve been blogging away…. let me catch up on comments/questions:

    1) so what does it say about the future of the US national team if our star forward can’t even start in the MLS?

    2) didn’t Ruud’s house get listed before he had even been officially canned? So its been on the market 3 years?

    3) Don’t ask me why, but for the past three years I have been uploading MLS salary data into a spreadsheet. I note the following: David Beckham’s salary has been steadily dropping as a percentage of total MLS salary from a mind blowing 13.1% in 2009, to 11.6% last year and down to 8.1% this year (poor guy is now making less than 1 in every $10 paid to players in the MLS. Total MLS has obviously been steadily increasing its total player compensation ($49.7B, $56.1B, $80.2B). Also, the number of players under salary has steadily increased (355, 406, 518). The large increase in players this year, due to the reserve league, means the median salary has dropped this year ($80,050 this year vs. $88,500 in ’10) and is even below 2009 median ($82,060). Even with the drop in the median, the average salary shot up this year ($154,851.70 vs $138,169.47 in 2010) which the top players are pulling in great contracts. The number of millionaires has been steadily increasing over the 3 years (4, 5, 7).

  • 1. Agudelo is young; they’re bringing him along slowly. You can learn a lot watching Henry.

    2. Yes. And I believe so.

    3. My take on the latest salary data will be in Tuesday’s column. Next year I’ll ask you to do a guest blog post. Your take on the difference between the median and average salaries is particularly interesting, however, and a major reason I stayed away from those terms.

    Now a question for you: Given the differing directions the median and average salary is heading what does that mean for MLS if anything, if in your opinion.


    Well, when the median dips and the average increases that suggests a widening salary disparity. But as I said you can’t forget the restarting of the reserve league. The MLS added 100 players on the bottom last year. The minimum contract jumped from $32k in ’09 to $40k in ’10 and back to $32.6k this year. That isn’t a good salary trend, but if you look at the bottom players in ’10 (and cut out the reserve players) those guys are making $42k in ’11. Not a huge jump, but something.

    I actually think the trending in the salary data is puts a positive spin on MLS. It is a shame that the bottom rung of these “professionals” are making near poverty wages, but it is the top of the salary list that is bringing in fans. Say what you will about Beckham and Henry on the field, they have played a significant role in getting MLS into the average American’s lexicon. It is the highest paid players that are driving this growth in MLS. Hopefully more of the money in the future trickles down to the bottom players…. uggh, I hope I’m not turning into a Reaganite economist šŸ™