Final: Philadelphia Union-Galaxy

Philadelphia Union 1 Galaxy 1

i-0338319e0e67929103e686c7baa08f12-unionfan.jpgIt was one of those games (AP Photo).

* Game story.

*If you’re a Galaxy fan the most concerning part about this less than engaging road point wasn’t that the Galaxy (4-2-5) had one shot on target in the first 45 minutes (and the Union none) to take a 1-0 lead off a scuffed Landon Donovan shot.

It wasn’t the inept Sean Franklin attempt to pass back to goalkeeper Donovan Ricketts with just six minutes left in regulation that led to the Union equalizer.

And it wasn’t the fact that Real Salt Lake now lurk just two points behind the Western Conference-leading Galaxy, but have played around half as many games.

No, it was Juan Pablo Angel’s complete bumbling failure with an abysmal first touch about 10 minutes after halftime to score when perfectly set up by Juninho. And with the goal yawning.

That was an embarrassing moment as an aging pro. One that says hang ’em up. You are done.

The goal drought continues.

With apologies to Simon & Garfunkel: “Where have you gone Edson Buddle, a Galaxy fan base turns its lonely eyes to you (woo hoo hoo).”


Next for the Galaxy: 7:30 p.m. Saturday against Sporting Kansas City at Home Depot Center.

Footnote: Palos Verdes Estates’ Kyle Nakazawa needs to get it together in the Union midfield. An elegant playmaker with UCLA became clogger this evening with a couple of ungainly fouls and Nakazawa was deservedly subbed midway through the second half before further embarrassing himself. Gotta do better than that if you want to start in MLS.

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  • Studs Down

    Angel showed he had slowed down visibly last year in New York. Why Arena would lavish DP money on him is the real question.

  • kingsnake

    Angel is less of a waste of money than Carpetbagger Beckham …

  • Studs Down

    Like him or not, and I don’t, Beckham still puts elusive butts in seats like no one else has in MLS.

  • Seattle manages to sell out 33+ without being graced by Beckham’s royal presence. Maybe other MLS teams should take some lessons from them on how to build a fan base without quick (and extremely expensive) fixes.

  • Studs Down

    Remains to be seen if Seattle/Portland/Vancouver attendances will nose dive like Toronto’s. let’s hope not. NY can’t even draw with all their big signings.

    I still blame the soccer “fans” for not getting behind their local pro teams to push this sport to the next level. If you love the sport then support your team, don’t wait to be lead like sheep In Seattle.