The Gold Cup final in Pasadena everyone wanted

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Or at least most of those who made the leap of faith and ensured a sold out Rose Bowl before Wednesday’s two semifinals were even over.


*Were the belated appearances of Landon Donovan and Freddy Adu – co-creators of Clint Dempsey’s winning goal – inspired subs or should at the very least Donovan have been on the field from the outset and given the U.S. an opportunity for a more comfortable victory? In other words, did a fairly ordinary U.S. win in part because of Bob Bradley’s coaching decisions or in spite of them (again)?

*Does Mexico have the edge in the final based on current form in this tournament or can the U.S. psyche out its old nemesis yet again and win while not playing the quality of soccer it is capable of producing?

*Will Manchester United’s Chicharito rise to the occasion and prove to be the difference in the game?

Listen to the architects of the U.S. goal:

Also: here’s how Chivas USA’s next opponent – the Philadelphia Union – performed last night.

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  • Amberson

    I think Donovan should have been on the field as a starter against Panama. Lucky for Bradley it worked out in the end.

    Will he start Donovan or use him as a super-sub against Mexico? I think Donovan should start. What do you guys think?


    If we play on Saturday like we did against Panama, J. Hernandez will eat us alive. Hopefully US has played enough games half-a$$ed that they will wake up for the finals.

    In terms of the substitutions… letting Adu get anywhere near a USMNT jersey is grounds for firing in my mind. People seem to be saying his pass to Donovan was a great play but it seemed pretty pedestrian to me. Though to be fair.. at least he got it to the right team.. instead of turning it over like he did the rest of the night. In terms of Donovan… I’m not sure I would call it an inspired decision to put your best player on the field. Tough call… “We’ve got our best player on the bench… what should I do with him?…. hmmm …. let’s put him in the game and see what he can do” Yeah, real inspirational.

    Dear lord, I’ve turned into an old curmudgeon… I swear I used to be a happy, positive, optimist… I guess that was before Bradley was rehired following the last world cup. On the positive side, a co-worker’s son’s soccer coach is an assistant with the USMNT. They are apparently all looking for new jobs because they know Bradley is on the way out.

  • the final game of the tournament is gonna be a cracker and the team which needs to win will have to depend on two things- good tactical decisions and goodluck- let’s see who has both

  • studs down

    I rather watch Freddy turn the “ball over” than a bunch of runners out there pretending to be soccer players. Idiotic to claim his pass was “pedestrian” since it was the only left-footed pass of any consequence delivered by this team in the whole tournament.

    Let Freddy Play, bench Jr.

  • take a look at this picture of the Gold Cup games