American meatballs lose to stylish Swedes in World Cup

i-89e746097b3fc0700085aeee44f466f3-swedensalute.jpgSwedish salute: The victorious Swedes salute their fans after beating the U.S. 2-1 today at the Women’s World Cup in Germany (AP Photo).

Needing only a draw to avoid meeting dangerous Marta and Brazil in the quarterfinals, the U.S. instead went out and lost 2-1 today to Sweden in Wolfsburg.

That’s loss No. 4 for the U.S. since November for those of you keeping count at home.

Game story.

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  • studs down

    Sad commentary to hear all the fear of playing Brasil in women’s soccer. A team that has accomplished nothing. All US has to do is start banging bodies early on and the obnoxious Marta and Co. will melt down right in front of them. This is Solo’s chance for redemption.

    You go girls.

  • Typically American wisdom: If we can’t beat ’em with skill, we’ll just beat on ’em. Hopefully the WWC is more astute to that sorry excuse for a “tactic” than MLS refs and cards early and often.

  • Globe

    While I don’t like seeing the rest of the world catch up to our girls, part of me is happy for all the US men who have been unfairly criticized over the years for not being as successful as the women.

    The men never had the luxury of playing against semi-professional players who also worked as school teachers and dental hygienists, like the women did until recently (sorry Mia & Brandi). Now that our women are also facing professionals they’re finding the sleding a little more rough.

  • studs down

    to kingsnake

    Remember soccer is a gentlemen’s sport played by thugs. That will never change. US players just don’t have the genes, for whatever reason, to play this game properly at a very high level. That is why any team that has a little of technique can cause them grief. So, the only chance US has to win in the short term is to out hustle and physically over power their opponents. You can throw all the tactics in the world out there but when the players don’t have the technique to master the ball under pressure nothing will help. This Brasilian team is still very fickle and full of themselves. They will fall apart if US can get under their skin.