Chivas USA-San Jose Earthquakes post-game

Chivas USA 2 San Jose Earthquakes 0

Make no mistake, this was a bad soccer game – by both teams – for the most part.

San Jose Coach Frank Yallop held his hands up.

“For whatever reason you’ve just got to say, ‘bad game, move on,'” Yallop said. “We’ve only lost one game in eight before this match, but we’ve tied the last two and lost this one so you don’t want to get in this rut.

“I thought the first half was poor. … No life in it. .. We should have, could have, played better than we did – for sure. Because we didn’t play well at all. That was so unlike us.”

Here’s the game story from Staff Writer Scott Wolf.

Said Chivas USA Coach Robin Fraser:

“Win number five has been a long time coming, we feel like we’ve played well enough in the past to have gotten results in the past, but this is part of our learning experience: It’s not good enough to play well; you have to play well and concentrate effectively and play well for 90 minutes.

“So I think for us, it’s a good milestone for us. … The teams that win in this league don’t get involved in shoot outs. This was a good building block for us.”


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  • studs down

    Hate to tell you Yallop but there was no life in game as you say because there were no live bodies in the stands to watch 2 listless teams. Besides you’re no Mr. Excitement yourself. What a boring lot.

    These Goats need to move on to greener pastures to graze on. There is nothing left here to sustain them.

  • Move ’em to Phoenix, and re-brand them.