The team of destiny at the Women’s World Cup

Is Japan.

And deservedly so.

i-28c8a02dfd127b72acace3b742aaddd1-Japanwcwinners.jpgWorld beaters: Japan celebrates its first World Cup (AP Photo).

Game story.

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  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    The soccer gods have spoken: Thou shalt not try to destroy thy emotionally vulnerable teammate, even if she maketh a stupid mistake!

    Right, Abby?

    I said, RIGHT, ABBY?!?!?

    Do you agree, Shannon?

    Wait, I hear crickets…..

  • Inigo Montoya

    Geez, JDH, get over it. Let it go. You’re like one of those hater Cub fans who still can’t forget Bartman. You’re embarrassing yourself.

    Remember that Hope Solo lost today, too. So did a bunch of women who weren’t even on the team during the events that you’re so teed off about. How can that be part of your revenge?

    And congratulations, Japan. Hard fought, with a little luck and some woodwork. A Cup to remember.

  • R

    Japan didn’t monopolize all the luck. They did have a great breakaway opportunity called offside at the 64 minute. Many frustrated U.S. fans need to accept that the better team DID win.

  • studs down

    Girls gave it a great run. Poor defense did them in at the end. Loosing Cheney did not help either. Their luck ran out at the end but the team has definite shortcomings that were masked by their success.

    Overall, the most competitive women’s World Cup yet. A very composed Japanese team was lucky to survive the early onslaught. Even the jeering of the German crowd for their time wasting tactics did not deter them from derailing the US juggernaut. Pia lost this coaching matchup.

  • studs down


    US 1:0 Brasil

    In PK conversions yesterday. Brasil missed all 4 of theirs in Copa America. Amazing but a lot of a lot of problems with the penalty spot itself.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Inigo Montoya, to the best of my knowledge, Steve Bartman never willfully tried to destroy an emotionally vulnerable person at that playoff game…unlike what Wambach, Boxx and the rest of the 2007 “veterans” (except for Carli Lloyd) tried to do to Hope Solo.

    Until those harpies apologize publicly for their cruelty, I won’t let it go.