Tuesday’s Column: Men’s game could learn from the women

i-1daf3aa223a37d47ac909d167d06f8de-abbyWCfinal.jpgHead scratcher: Abby Wambach and the rest of the U.S. women’s team were left to rue what could have been after Sunday’s World Cup final loss to Japan (AP Photo).

You could talk about the jillion wasted first half chances the U.S. women missed in the first half of a World Cup final they would eventually lose to Japan.

You could talk about the coaching wisdom of having defensive players (Shannon Boxx?) step up first for the penalty kicks rather than strikers to put the pressure on the opponent in a pressure-filled situation.

You could talk about the fact the rest of the world has made significant progress in the women’s game while the U.S. has in large measure appeared to tread water.

You could, but I chose not to in today’s column.

For me the Women’s World Cup was a welcome breath of fresh air in comparison to some of the men’s games I’ve seen recently (and don’t even get me started on the disappointing showings of the likes of Brazil and Argentina at Copa America).

Read the column here.

Look ahead to next year’s Olympics and the prospects for the USWNT here

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  • kingsnake

    I like the shot at Skeletor near the end of the article …

  • studs down

    A pointless article if you ask me. Common Nick, you’re comparing apples and oranges. A big FIFA tournament of any kind is more engrossing than any mid-season league play regardless of gender. Look back to Mexico’s great run in the recently concluded U17 and what’s unfolding in the on going Copa America. Uruguay played great against Argentina, Brazil peppered the Paraguay goal much like US against Japan but couldn’t finish and missed 4, count them 4 straight PK’s to crash out.

    You should take a look at the drab WPS games and tell me women’s game is better than men’s game of any kind. It’s as brutal as any game out there and skills is totally optional. Remember two sets of broken legs dished out by the beloved Abby Wambach last year? Even Japan was booed because of all the time wasting against US.

    You just got caught up like the rest of us in the magic that is the World Cup. I said before it started that I wouldn’t watch but I did watch the US games and will, like most people, ignore the women’s game again until the next really big shoo. The only point I concede to you is the class act of the US players after the loss. I think they dropped the game just to lift up that nation.

    Re the stupid exhibition friendlies going on, teams have to make money so it will continue as long as people are willing to pay to see them. Those are not MLS fans out there but better for MLS teams to cash on them rather than the Mexican teams.


    I particularly liked this comment: “And missing, too, for the most part was the brazen play-acting and time-wasting that clearly has uninjured players writhing in faux agony that infuriates fans in the men’s game…”

    I just don’t understand why FIFA and Men’s professional soccer can’t get rid of this crap. If somebody is withering in agony… he shouldn’t be able to play the rest of the game. If somebody dives they should be given a suspension after the game (assuming the ref didn’t catch it). If somebody sticks there arm up in the air calling for a ball as soon as it goes out of bounds, the referee should assume that player is volunteering the ball went off him and award the throw in to the other team.

    It is this crap which prevents more Americans from embracing this great game. Sometimes I try to convince friends (who aren’t soccer fans) they should watch a game. They come up with all sorts of objections, but this crap is the only ones I don’t have a response too.