• studs down

    Send me an “Angel” who can score before this season ends in a dud just like the last one. I want to see the Galaxy in the MLS Cup final at home for a change. We keep missing the parties at our own house.

    Arena needs to admit to his Angel/Barrett/Christman/Lopez failure and re-stock the forward line NOW. He refused to address the same problem last year and he is on the same path again. What a stubborn mule! I’m gonna start a fire the Bruce campaign if he doesn’t make a move. Bring Cooper down here from Portland or something, anything but don’t just stand pat. No body puts pressure on the players and coaches in this league to perform. Not the fans, and certainly not the media, so they all think they are invincible.

  • Inigo Montoya

    Good grief. Sixteen corner kicks and not a single one generated a serious scoring opportunity! I wouldn’t have believed it was possible.

    I don’t even blame Beckham for the way he took the kicks. They were sharp and he tried a variety of targets, including a direct shot on goal. There was just nothing on the other end.

    Double good grief, we miss Buddle. The G’s haven’t had anyone who can finish at all consistently since then. A passable defense keeps them in regular season games and they have a good shot at the Supporters Shield, but they won’t win a Cup this way…