Told ya so

What a credit to MLS that All-Star game was.

Let’s do that next year, too, so we can add to the 9-2 aggregate score of the last two years.

Can you imagine how many converts to the league there will be because of this game?

Don’t listen to critics like this – they have no clue.

Watch (and learn) – especially you Sean Franklin:

What a showcase!


And another thing: while it is lovely everyone is handing out plaudits to the only MLS player to go the full 90 I’m sure Galaxy fans will wonder just how effective Beckham will be against the Whitecaps in Vancouver and against Portland the following Wednesday given not only the game, but the travel involved in criss-crossing the continent. (Well, he would have been had he not ben suspended for the game as a commenter pointed out below).

And yeah, I know he’s suspended for the game (see comments).

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  • I saw what I am sure was a vastly superior match yesterday at the national youth championships in Phoenix:

  • studs down

    Woopee, you called a United victory. Amazing insight. I wonder what your reaction was after the All-Star’s victory over Chelsea a couple of years ago. It doesn’t take a genious to foretell a loss to United but don’t worry this result will not slow down the progress of this league nor the growth of the game in this country.

    Gotta give credit to MLS for not being shy and going after the best. This league would have folded a long time ago if they were timid in their thinking like you.

  • Deni Pulte

    You do realize that Beckham won’t be playing against Vancouver since he’s on suspension for yellow cards? Why not let him play the whole game.

    ManU is a team – the MLS all-stars are a collection of individuals who don’t normally play together. Of course ManU would be expected to win – it’s still a fun game to watch.

    I used to enjoy reading your blog but it is now so sour all the time I’m not sure why I bother.


    Thanks for pointing that out. You would have thought I’d remembered that after writing on July 20 “David Beckham got a yellow card for delaying the game on a free kick in stoppage time and is now suspended for one game. Whitecaps fans won’t get to see him in Vancouver on July 30.”

    Still, this is a 36-year-old guy who recently suffered a stress back fracture or back spasms or whatever it was and here he is going the distance in a non-league game
    when the Galaxy have a crowded schedule coming up.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Nick, I wouldn’t be surprised if Backe received “orders” from “on high” to play Beckham 90.

  • No kidding. MLS is as transparent as the La Brea tar pits …

  • Limey

    Studs Down made me do it!