Tuesday’s Column: The U.S. finally gets its (Klins) mann

i-67024286373b06e2d96f21037db6479f-juergengoal.jpgGoooaaal! U.S. Soccer finally scored the man many had long wanted to mold the future of American soccer, Juergen Klinnsmann, albeit almost 20 years on from this goal he scored against Spain at the 1994 World Cup (AP Photo).

Juergen Klinsmann was officially introduced Monday as the new coach of the USMNT a move many observers, including this one, believe gives the U.S. the best of both the European and American perspectives.

Read the column here.

What’s your take on the appointment?


Listen to the new U.S. coach in his own words from Monday’s press conference:

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    I’m not sure Juergen is the locker-room healer or brilliant tactician the US team needs. I was really excited when his name came up a few years ago. I guess you mentioned his resume has gotten worse since then and maybe that is what has soured me. I hope he proves me wrong. It sounds like even if Juergen doesn’t pan out as coach he plans to build the US program from the bottom. Those are the kinds of actions that can have far reaching consequences even after he is gone.

    You also mentioned Sigi in the article, now that is someone I would have gotten excited about!

  • Praise Jeebus!

    Sigi is a great MLS coach. He’s not an international quality manager, because he has no international experience. Klinsmann does. Plus he has a vision for how the USA should play, and develop its players, and better yet it is the *right* vision.


    Kingsnake, I would say that we don’t know if Sigi is an international quality manager because he has no international experience. I also know that he seems to keep winning with less than stellar players. That sounds like an important quality for a USMNT head coach to have… if you ask me.

    As far as K-man goes, I am very excited about his vision for how the US should play and develop players… but I want to win now too. I hope he can do both, but I’m more concerned about the lather.

  • FYI on Sigi’s international experience (or lack thereof):

    For what it’s worth Sigi twice coached the U-20 team, most recently at the 2005 World Championship, was an assistant to Bora at the 1994 World Cup and also coached the 1991 World University Games team and 1995 Pan Am Games side.

    And if the Sounders win Saturday at KC he will ring up MLS victory No. 150.

  • studs down

    Klinsmann is biting a lot more that will be able to chew. He won’t be able to overhaul the whole US Soccer program from bottom up. He won’t last that long. That is a monumental task that will require an army of people decades to accomplish on a full time basis. He simplely won’t have that much time and influence. He is no Cryuff. I’ll be satisfied if he somehow can get the first team to play smart and not be embarrassing for the country. He will be intensely scrutinized from this first game on, a friendly or not.

    Re Long Ball Sigi, the single most OVER-BLOATED coach in this country, all I have to say is Sounders 0 – 1 San Francisco FC. That is international pedigree for you.