Reports: Tottenham striker Robbie Keane headed to Galaxy

i-7c917bcc3125e09f981b800afad7f4d5-keane.jpgGalaxy bound? Fiery Irish striker Robbie Keane is on his way to the Galaxy media reports suggested today – and the Galaxy have not denied the rumors (AP Photo).

Multiple media reports today have linked Tottenham Hotspur striker Robbie Keane,31, to the Galaxy with forward Juan Pablo Angel being traded to an East Coast MLS team to make room for a player that would become the latest Los Angeles DP.

The Galaxy have not denied the reports:

“We are always looking to improve our squad and have contacted or been contacted by a host of players during the current transfer window,” said a club statement. “As soon as we have something confirmed in regards to any potential player acquisitions we will be sure to alert you.”

The Galaxy never confirm transfer rumors until the deal is done.

Most commonly cited among the various figures for Kean’s MLS salary: Somewhere around $8 to $9 million over two years.

Keane, who is married to an Irish model, has been linked with the Galaxy in the past. The out-of-favor striker said earlier this week he expected to move from Tottenham before the transfer window closes.

Keane is the all time leading scorer for Ireland with 51 goals in 108 appearances; he spent much of last season on loan to now-relegated EPL side West Ham United.

Angel, who scored more goals than any other MLS player in the last four years before joining the Galaxy in the offseason has been a major bust for LA, scoring just three times this season.

He has become the object of derision among many fans who have seen the failings of the Galaxy to feature a consistent out and out striker in the team as the reason for their failure to capture the MLS Cup despite coming close in the last two years.

“Maybe he’s lost a little confidence because he hasn’t had the kind of start he’s wanted,” Arena said Thursday of Angel.

Arena added that last year fans criticized the club for relying too much on Edson Buddle for goals and this year the club is being faulted for not having a high scoring forward.

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  • studs down


  • Limey

    Really? That would be awesome!

  • If MLS can come up with a new rule to get him to the Galaxy, or if MLS forces some other team to make a trade (which they have done many times) for Angel so they don’t have to come up with a new rule, Keane will tear the league’s defense’s a new ****hole …

  • Inigo Montoya

    Csn’t happen soon enough for me. They’d need some time to get used to him, and vice versa, before the playoffs.