Could Galaxy striker Keane miss the MLS playoffs?

Maybe – or at least some of the post-season.

Robbie Keane arrives back from Ireland at LAX tonight and will be evaluated by team doctors tomorrow, a club spokesman said. He strained a thigh muscle – specifically the adductor for you medical professionals out there – by playing the entire 90 minutes last Friday against Andorra.

Initially it was feared Keane would be out at least four weeks, but it could be even longer than that and his national team coach is furious with the behavior of his captain and leading scorer because it could put Ireland’s hopes of qualifying for Euro 2012 through a relatively easy two-game playoff series in jeopardy..

Wait until Galaxy Coach Bruce Arena gets ahold of him; the MLS playoffs start for the Galaxy in about four weeks and Keane had been acquired specifically to provide the firepower to bring the Galaxy an MLS Cup.

Galaxy officials said Thursday that athough he will be listed as questionable for Sunday’s derby against lowly rivals Chivas USA (only because team docotrs have yet to evaluate Keane) he will miss the game and so could several other players.

With the Supporters Shield wrapped up the game is largely meaningless, although the Galaxy will hand out team awards and won’t want to yield their unbeaten home record in their final regular season game of the season at Home Depot Center.

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  • Inigo Montoya

    It was fun while it lasted. What is it about European DPs and their bad first years in MLS?

    I don’t expect to see him back before the MLS Cup is over. Like Beckham in his first year, Keane scored his best goal in a non-MLS game.

    Of course, after some ridiculous play by Armenia it looks like Ireland will qualify for Euro 2012, so Keane will be gone for months in the middle of next season and beat up when he comes back. It won’t be very different from the whole Beckham / AC Milan thing in 2009…

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Perhaps this should teach Tim Leiweke and the “geniuses” (I use that term very loosely) who run AEG about how to shop for a DP.

    Then again, I seriously doubt that…

    Leiweke doesn’t use what little brains he has. He doesn’t think or anticipate; he reacts and operates under a kind of neurotic pressure that he tries to impose on those around and under him.

    Never forget that the Galaxy’s success the past three seasons is not to do Leiweke, Donovan, Beckham or any of the players. It’s due solely to Bruce Arena. Without him, the Galaxy would be the American equivalent of Toronto FC.