The return of the 100 Percent Soccer blog

We’re back!

Regular readers will have noticed this blog has essentially been on hiatus since Nov. 29.

But it was more than that.

Due to a technical issue (I’ll leave it at that) I was unable to post updates and readers were unable to leave comments. Those issues have now been resolved.

The blog is not yet completely whole.

Readers will notice we are missing any posts published since March 2010 (that’s right, almost the last two years worth of posts).

I’m told the entries are still on our server and can still be found via search (assuming that’s working, which wasn’t always the case even before this recent issue) and direct links. They’re just not in the blog index pages, but the 100 Percent Soccer minions (OK, so it’s one overworked online editor) is/are working to manually restore them and will gradually do so. (The good news about that is my very last post before the blog went down contained a major factual error, which I was unable to correct and that has disappeared, for now).

Apologies to those of you who missed their regular Southern California soccer fix and thank you for your patience.

Regular blogging will now resume.

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South Bay-based Los Angeles News Group soccer columnist and blogger Nick Green writes at the 100 Percent Soccer blog at and craft beer at the Beer Goggles blog at Cheers!
  • kingsnake

    I make my living doing computer stuff (development) and I can totally empathize. Honestly, I hate the damn things …

  • Beaten

    Welcome back, Nick! I missed my regular dose of soccer news.

    I’m just glad the shutdown of the blog didn’t occur during MLS Cup week.

  • This is Steven Rosenberg, and I work on the back end of 100 Percent Soccer and the other blogs from the Los Angeles Newspaper Groups, and I can tell you that we will get the missing posts back.

    I will also be returning the search function to this blog, this time using Google. I plan to implement that soon as well.

  • klf

    So dying of curiousity as to what the “major factual error” was…? (o;