Busy Galaxy take six players in MLS Re-Entry Draft

And they were the busiest MLS team in the draft period.

Two are their own players they hope to re-sign: recently acquired defender Dasan Robinson and seldom used veteran Frankie Hejduk.

The Galaxy also picked four veterans: Chivas USA defender Andrew Boyens, defender Chris Leitch, utility man Pat Noonan and goalkeeper Jon Conway.

This is all subject to agreeing terms with these players, of course.

I’m guessing the suddenly budget-conscious Galaxy will ask Hejduk ($96,000 salary in 2011), Boyens ($60,000), Leitch ($106,00) and Conway ($80,000) to take salary cuts to stay in the league. Noonan only made $48,000 this year with the Sounders.

These are all classic Bruce Arena picks, known quantities he has either worked with before or has seen a lot of over the years.

I thought Hejduk should have retired based on what little we saw of him, Boyens was often a defensive liability for Chivas USA, while virtually all the picks merely add depth in reserve to a Galaxy squad especially thin in the back, aside from possibly Robinson.

Does this mean out of contract defender Sean Franklin and the club expect him to head to Europe? And one has to wonder whether you can’t say the same about the increasingly impressive Omar Gonzalez.

What do you think?

Full draft details are here.


Tweeted a noncommittal sounding Robinson this morning: “Interesting day thus far…”

Update II

Bruce Arena will share his thoughts with Galaxy reporters in a 1 p.m. conference call: Stand by for more.

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  • SoCalPete

    So the Galaxy don’t just control whether or not Hejduk and those other guys get to play for the Galaxy, but whether they play in the league at all. These guys are not rookie draft picks, and they should be able to sign with whichever mls team wants to pay them the most. People always say that single entity is about avoiding the excesses of NASL, but it’s clear that it’s reabeige primary purpose is to force quality players – mostly American – to play for a fraction of their true market value. Considering there’s no place to play for $50k in the US other than MLS, this means the The league can dictate salary terms to an extreme degree. Literally, t a player will have to accept whatever piddly amount offered or leave the country to continue his career! Just compare how little of revenues get paid in player salaries in mls to other us major leagues or foreign soccer leagues and you will see how much mls’ unfair labor practices are screwing the players. Fercrissakes Nick, the median salary in the league is equivalent to just 1500 pounds a week ($80k salary) – the quality of player is WAY better than those salaries would indicate. /rant

  • Studs

    Seems like LA wants to improve on their dismal play in the Reserves League with these selections.

    PS – I like the Pat Noonan selection, if healthy he can be more useful than Kirovski.