Poll: Thumbs up or thumbs down? Should the Galaxy re-sign Beckham?


You’ve heard the news, now take the poll:

Should the Galaxy re-sign David Beckham?
Yes, his 15 assists were a major reason the Galaxy won MLS Cup
Yes, but not at $6.5 million a year, especially if he heads off to the Olympics for a month
No, he can’t repeat his success in 2011 at his age
No! He’s been an over-rated prima donna for five years. The Galaxy should have offered more money to keep Juninho
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    I voted option “B” but I agree with all the discourse in option “D”. He has been an overrated prima dona the past 5 years, he isn’t worth $6.5 Mil, and the Galaxy should have offered more money to Junhino. Even so, if you can get Beckham on your roster without bankrupting the club you should do it. He is slow, but he sure passes the ball awful nicely.

  • Limey

    So Nick are you and the other Beckham haters surprised by the result of your poll?

  • shelbo

    Beckham is worth every penny he’s paid by the MLS/Galaxy in terms of worldwide exposure and credibility. The fact that he’s one of the MLS top XI players and helped lead the Galaxy to the MLS Championship and Supporters Cup, as well as the CCL quarterfinals, with his quality play and never say die attitude, is icing on the cake for the MLS. Or, if you’re a Galaxy fan, flip the two – worth every penny for his on the field quality, and icing on the cake for the exposure and credibility.

  • http://footballtalk-pbsport27.blogspot.com/ FootballTalk

    I vote Becks should stay… He’s good for the evolution of the American game. If you don’t want him though we will have him back in the EPL.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/soccer Nick Green

    Not really. Beckham is a one trick pony, but still one of the world’s best when it comes to free kicks. Among local soccer fans he’s been a limited success.

    Has he changed the perception of MLS among general sports fans? No. Isn’t that what he was supposed to do for all that money?

    What do you think, Limey? (And thanks for your input).