Tuesday’s (non-existent) column & more

It’s not, you understand, that I resent my regular Tuesday column being held to an as yet unspecified day.

It’s that, if it is held, it’s for a better reason than that obscene excuse of a game of pointy-ball college football I had the misfortune to catch in a desolate Torrance pub last night. That was the culmination to the season?

No wonder I stopped regularly watching American football (well, that and the fact the UW Huskies and Seattle Seahawks went through years of being only slightly better than Chivas USA).

And talking about nonsensical time-wasting, check out the over-wrought ad from MLS below hyping the increasingly irrelevent less than SuperDraft set for later this week:

Good grief. And if you want people to take this event seriously do you really want to remind them about Freddy Adu, especially given the massive role he’s played in MLS and U.S. Soccer in general (ahem).

In other more worthwhile news, the U.S. will play Italy Feb. 29.

And before anyone asks, no, I’ve seen no update from the Galaxy yet regarding the injury to Omar Gonzalez.

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  • studs

    increasingly irrelevant but it’s still fun for the fans, we can relate to it.