Report: Chivas USA to leave Carson’s Home Depot Center in 2012

That apparently is what the club is aiming for, according to this Spanish-language report.

The club sounds no further along in figuring out exactly where it is going to play beginning in 2013, however.

A potential, although unspecified, five different locations are still mentioned as possibilities for a new or refurbished stadium including, apparently as a last-ditch option, the LA Memorial Coliseum.

The club’s small crowds, already dwarfed by the 24,500-capacity HDC, would be swallowed almost entirely by the cavernous 90,000-seat Coliseum, likely giving its games an atmosphere closer to a women’s college game than an MLS one.

Supposedly the club, which unveiled the 2012 version of its jersey on a commercial flight between LA and Guadalajara Wednesday, will make a decision by this summer.

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  • Anonymous

    Why dont they stay in HDC while LAG moves to the new stadium downtown?

  • Ulises

    Because…who the hell wants to play in Carson? That’s why.

    Top Choice at the moment would be tearing down the LA Sports Arena and building it there.

  • david Sirias

    The bigger story is that LAG might leave for good to Farmer’s Field once they see they can get 10K walkup anytime Heck, they can get a few thousand walking from from their houses in Pico union if they leave enough cheap seats
    As for Chivas, they will never own HDC so they are goners there. The Sports Arena is the best option but too many moving parts with the Col. Com. and USC and the need for demolition and a long term lease Chivas is better off building at the Fairplex or somewhere in the IE, preferably in Riverside near a train station

  • Barry Waite

    The Galaxy and the Home Depot Center are owned by AEG. It is highly unlikely they would leave that venue. Chivas has long stated a desire to have its own stadium.

  • Coach Outlet

    who the hell wants to play in Carson?