The Galaxy strike back (and other CONCACAF Champions League tales)

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  • SoCalPete

    Nick, here’s a conundrum for you: Even after last night’s exciting game, with the Galaxy coming back to score a couple goals and set up next week’s home leg very nicely for us, there are still tons of tickets unsold for this game.

    Tickets too expensive? ($46 is the minimum)
    Galaxy don’t care much for CCL?
    Fans uneducated about the significance of this game?

    I’m sure it’s a bit of each, but whatever the case is, us MLS fans suffer from having a lack of games that actually count for something, and then we have CCL, which actually matters (FIFA Club World Cup entry), and the tickets go begging. The front office says they’re all about game day atmosphere and selling season tickets, but this game is the most important one for the team, and they don’t seem to care. Perhaps they don’t make as much money since it’s not a reg season game, but SO WHAT! Have they forgotten that a passionate home crowd helps our team win? Sure they have constraints at the 7500 limit, but at least do the best with what you got, right?