Weekly Column: MLS Reality Bites for Galaxy


Yes, I resisted using the term crisis in the column.

It is too early to use the word in association with the Galaxy, or Chivas USA for that matter.

But most disturbing, at least from the point of view of someone who attends virtually every home MLS game played at Home Depot Center by the Galaxy and Chivas USA (and yes, I skipped the game Friday night); the teams are a combined 2-8-1 so far this season in Carson.

That’s a lot of bad football.

And the Galaxy have yet to figure out where the good stuff went.

Let’s hope the longest ever MLS season didn’t just seem to get a whole lot longer – whether you follow the Galaxy or Chivas USA.

Here’s this week’s column. Brace yourself.

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  • link doesn’t work.

  • Apologies. Fixed.

  • Inigo Montoya

    I get it that soccer is a game of probability: you keep doing the right things a million times in a game, and eventually you’re going to score. A sequence that doesn’t produce a goal isn’t a crisis because most sequences don’t produce goals. You just keep at it.

    Still, there have been so many sequences so far this year when the Galaxy haven’t gotten that last touch right, when they’ve *almost* scored. At some point you’ve got to say it’s a crisis, Bruce, and you’ve got to come up with something else.

    With the current roster, I don’t know what “something else” is. Suggestions?