No Olympics for Galaxy’s Beckham

Quite a shock since I figured as long as David Beckham still has two legs he would be picked even in a figurehead role, like the Queen.

I’ll see what David Beckham has to say out at Galaxy practice this morning.

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  • Inigo Montoya

    Bad for him, good for us.

    He’ll still miss our games while he’s in London, but he won’t get injured playing. Maybe it will make him hungrier for silver here.

  • Limey

    Really? I mean Really? You print what the fake John Terry has to say and what that US failure Piers has to say. This is a joke The Daily Mail poll supports him going 2 to 1, what an insult. I’m ashamed of GB football already and they havn’t kicked a ball yet.c

  • SoCalPete

    This will be the worst of both worlds for the Galaxy. Missing Beckham for the Olympics, and then only so he can go for a glorified cheerleading role to support England. Talk about a gut punch to the importance of the Galaxy and MLS to have Olympic rah-rah’ing take precedence over the league.

    The really sad thing, though, is that the Galaxy suits will probably be totally fine with him going.

  • Rafael Junio Barbosa

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  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    SoCalPete, you’re absolutely right about the “suits” being fine with Beckham going to the Olympics. Read the following story which contains these quotes from Tim Leiweke:

    Beckham is likely to miss some of the Galaxys games because of the Olympics in London, with Leiwekes blessing, regardless of whether he plays for the British Olympic team.

    Even if David didnt ask it, we were going to give it, Leiweke said. We want him there. That city is very important to us. We were one of the first sponsors. Our facility is going to host gymnastics. Our facility is going to host basketball.

    A long time ago, we made it clear that we were going to do anything to support the Olympic Games in London.