Weekly Column: MLS Pressure


When former New York Red Bull and Aston Villa striker Juan Pablo Angel joined the Galaxy a couple of seasons ago, he was asked to compare the pressure of playing in MLS with the English Premier League.

An uncomfortable-looking Angel didn’t say much for several long seconds as expectatant reporters looked on, then shrugged and mumbled something to the effect that you can’t compare the two.

Point taken.

But is comfortable MLS with its focus on selling tickets, building stadiums and other commercial aspects of the game finally becoming more competitive where it counts — on the field — rather than in the office of the team accountant?

Galaxy playmaker Landon Donovan believes that’s the case and that’s the point behind this week’s column.

Enjoy your Independence Day holiday.

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  • al

    Great article and I for one am glad to see the pressure building. In the end this means fans can look forward to more accountability. I don’t care that players, owners, managers are “under stress”. Welcome to professional sports. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Fans have expectations and we’re paying more now than ever to see those expectations met.