How the Galaxy’s suspended David Beckham spent his Sunday


He was with the wife in the Royal Box at Wimbledon hanging with Kate and Pippa (Getty Images Photo).

Good to see him buckling down while the Galaxy play against the Chicago Fire today, improving not only his discipline, but his fitness for the rest of the MLS season (ahem).

Pass the strawberries and cream will ya?

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  • SoCalPete

    OK, so we all know that MLS is small potatoes compared with other leagues, and that it’s not even a proper league because it’s actually one corporation with a bunch of subsidiaries (not teams) where “owners” aren’t really competing with each other, but the $4M that Beckham is paid should make the league the most important thing there is. But Beckham knows this is his last contract, and he’s definitely acting like he’s unaccountable.

  • Jamesy

    This post and the comment really display an ignorance of how MLS away games work. Beckham has actually *saved* LA Galaxy money by staying away from the team for this weekend’s away game. Considering all the chatter on Twitter from other Galaxy players not in Chicago this weekend, Beckham being in London is in line with a bunch of other players who took the day off and did whatever the hell the wanted.

    Fact checking: It’s a great addition to journalism.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Regardless of whether Cronin was faking or Grajeda had lost control of the game, Beckham’s actions were stupid and petulant. Not even a total airhead like Diego Maradona would pull this garbage. Donovan, as the Galaxy captain, should be the one to handle the situation if he thought Cronin was faking. Beckham not only embarassed the Galaxy but also himself. Besides, by failing to control his temper, Beckham cost the Galaxy a pivotal player for at least one game. Beckham always brags about how “professional” he is but his actions against San Jose, and his comments above, demonstrate that he’s anything but. He also thinks he’s not accountable for his actions…which, in the real world, is quite scary.