Galaxy Coach Bruce Arena: “We made a big mistake”

It was the most candidly I have heard Galaxy coach Bruce Arena talk yet about the issue of allowing the likes of loanees Landon Donovan (Everton) and Robbie Keane (Aston Villa) to return just days before the MLS season opener.

That issue was a topic of conversation at the time among fans and media, but Arena himself shrugged off. Then the Galaxy opened the season with three losses in its its first four games, which set off an even longer trend of poor results.

Well, Arena isn’t shrugging that off now.

“We made a big mistake in having players loaned out right until the start of the season,” he said after today’s SuperClasico win over Chivas USA. “Although they played together in the last year they still needed time together. We started with a group of players that hadn’t had preseason together, which was a mistake — I accept the responsibility for that.

“Now we’re building into the second half of the season, they’re much more familiar with each other and we’re playing well.”

Of course, when you’ve unbeaten in four of your last five games, the admission is a little easier to make.

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  • Inigo Montoya

    The current standings flatter the G’s a bit: they’ve played more games than the two teams above and the two teams below them. If those teams win those games, the playoff spot looks tougher to hang onto.

    I understand the loans and the friendlies from a business perspective. The G’s are after all a business, and the players after all are trying to make a living. And Bruce after all works for AEG.

    But that’s all are crap for the team as a team in a league fighting for standings and trophies (and fans!). If AEG miscalculated and the G’s don’t make the playoffs, the loans and friendlies will be a big net loss for all concerned. Bruce may be starting to see that the downside was more likely than he and AEG thought.

    I hope everybody remembers that after November…

  • studs up


    If LA maintains it’s current form, i don’t see much threat to them on their way to the playoffs 2 more games played or not. the offense is a very scary now.

    PS – Tim Liewiki(spl) must be a lot smarter soccer-wise than Bruce since he admitted the loans were a mistake right after the bad start.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    So, studs up, if Leiweke “admits” that the loans were a mistake, then why did he allow them in the first place?

    Leiweke seems to react before thinking, especialy when dollar signs and promotional opportunities present themselves (see, “The Beckham Experiment”)

    Sometimes, I wonder what Leiweke has for gray matter. It can’t be what the rest of us have. Good grief, what if Keane and Donovan had gotten injured on loan, like Gonzalez did?