Weekly Column: Galaxy marketing gets ahead of reality (again)

Friendlies between MLS and foreign clubs are always just as much about marketing as they are soccer.

The video above, for instance, is as close as the local media got to American goalkeeper Brad Friedel, who was inexplicably not made available for interviews by Tottenham Hotspur ahead of tonight’s game against the Galaxy at Home Depot Center.

He’s not the only player “missing” for this game in one sense or another, of course.

Spurs’ Croatian midfielder Luka Modric belatedly crept back to training Monday in London after going AWOL in an effort to force a lucrative transfer elsewhere, but was instead reportedly hit by huge club fines.

Midfielder Scott Parker is out with likely Achilles surgery on the horizon.

And more tickets would have sold had Spurs’ Mexican midfielder Giovani Dos Santos not been on Olympic duty.

Still, fans knew ahead of time most of these players were missing for tonight’s game (live at 7:30 on KDOC and KWHY).

Other absences?

Well, the Galaxy carefully kept under wraps that two very high profile players would miss the game, presumably so as not to hurt ticket sales, as I observed in today’s column.


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  • knamahoe

    When I saw that Becks and Donovan wouldn’t be playing, I was suddenly glad that I hadn’t spent money buying tickets to that game. I would have been annoyed.

  • Joseph D’HIppolito

    How about a class-action suit by disgruntled season-ticket holders against AEG?

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Remember, Nick, Arena’s hands are effectively tied when it comes to Beckham and “marketing opportunities,” Olympian or otherwise. I’m guessing that Arena had to make that deal with the AEG devils to get back into coaching. Beckham is going to London not only with Leiweke’s blessing but with his active encouragement. Besides, Leiweke has proved over and over again that he doesn’t give a stinking damn about the “little guy.” He’s always been about sucking up to big clients to get their money, and big stars to burnish his low self-esteem. He’s nothing but a glorified concert promoter who measures his self-worth by the number and quality of “stars” he manages to revolve around.

  • Anonymous

    FYI – The Spurs tickets were included in the season seat packages. the tickets to the Real Madrid game was offered to season ticket holders at the same rate as their season tickets.. additional tickets would be at increased public rate for both games. I sold my Spurs ticket and made money and bought the Real Madrid ticket and sold it and made even more money. So thank you AEG, Spurs and Real Madrid.

    My stance on these meaninless scrimmages has not changed. The only good is that MLS teams generally make money on them so better for them to make the money than some visiting mexican team like in the years past. The only playing benefit for the host team is that their reserves get a better test. The starters should not partake if the schedule is congested. As for the fans, the majority of the ones showing up are not regular MLS fans, so they don’t care who their “team” is facing and these games have NOT proven to convert visiting fans to MLS fans so far. So, i don’t shed any tears for any of them if they feel short-changed if Beckham and Donovan don’t play.

    As for the “real” Galaxy fans, stop asking for these kind of games and support the meaningful competitions like the league, Open Cup and CCL game. it’s assenine that only few thousand show up for real games but they fill the stadium to watch a scrimmage game.
    Grow up and become Real soccer fans of your local teams.