Thursday Kicks: USWNT going for Olympic gold & more*



The U.S. Women’s National Team has won, 2-1, against Japan in the Olympic gold medal game on two goals from Carli Lloyd. Diamond Bar’s Alex Morgan provided the assist on the 8th minute opener. More to come.

*A photo gallery of the game is here.

*Incidentally, Torrance’s Shannon Boxx was back in the starting XI today for the first time since a hamstring issue cropped up in the opening game of the Olympic tournament.

Boxx has overcome worse health issues to become an Olympian, however. Her story is here:

*The USWNT has scheduled a Sept. 16 game at Home Depot Center against Australia as part of its post-Olympic tour. Will this be Boxxy’s final South Bay appearance as a member of the USWNT? Ticket information is yet to be announced.

*In other women’s soccer news, Rolling Hills Estates’ Whitney Engen will play in the inaugural 2012 Viking Cup, an invitational soccer tournament for women’s national teams set for Nov. 21st through Dec. 2nd at Cal State Fullerton. Engen, who missed out on a spot on the Olympic team, was a regular last year for the Chicago Red Stars of the now-defunct WPS.

*And in other news involving South Bay pros, Robbie Rogers, who grew up on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, was placed on the transfer list by Leeds United.

*Finally, Galaxy defender Todd Dunivant says he’s fit to play in Sunday’s SuperClasico.

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  • Inigo Montoya

    Okay, now that the (great!) game is over, I can ask my question: where is the US crest on those blue uniforms? All I can see is Nike advertising. The red/white striper uniforms have the crest, but not the blues?

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    I hope the 2007 Bitch Brigade (Wambach, Rampone, Boxx, O’Reilly) realizes that if Brianna Scurry were in the net, Japan would have won the gold medal.

    Solo not only shut down the Japanese. She shut up the people who tormented her five years ago.

    BTW, Rampone, nice giveaway in your own end that almost resulted in Iwabuchi scoring. Can you retire from the WNT, now,pleeeeeeeeeeeze????

  • studs up


    none of the teams are allowed to display their federation logos on the uniforms. US opted for no logo at all but all others have come up with some hybrid logo mostly using the olympic hoops and/or their flags. most commical was uruguay sewing a new patch over the regular uniforms crests. US wore new track suits for the medal ceremony that had some kind of logo on it. btw, what up with those ugly “greatness has been found” oversize sacks they gave the girls to wear.


    Rampone worked her butt off. lepielbet(spl) was the weak link but most defensive breakdowns were direct result of poor play by boxx, rapino, and lloyd.

    let’s see if Solo will spill the beens in her book to your satisfaction. she sure saved the teams collective behind today but had morgan not gone “solo” most of the game, Japan will have sunk easier.

  • studs up

    PS – Rampone twice saved Solo’s ass with clearances behind her, stay objective if you are a real journalist. Character assasination is for scorned women!

  • Steven Gray

    Awesome! It was a great match to watch. The victory was sweeter since it was against Japan. Go USA! Cheers!

  • JP

    Congrats to the the US Team . . . it was a cracking game. Well done to Japan as well for taking out the Silver Medal.

  • Inigo Montoya

    Studs: Thanks for clearing that up. I guess I woulda gone with the flag. Tough to see only business advertising on the uni as all the highlight photos go down in history.

    Rewatching the game, I saw plenty of mistakes that could have cost them the game. The biggest was the handball in the box. But the point is that the team got through all of them.

    The other big thing I saw more clearly was how exhausted both teams were for the last 20 minutes. I was worried that the Canada game would be a big disadvantage for the US, but six games in such a short time took its toll on both teams. I need to go watch Canada-France now…

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    PS – Rampone twice saved Solo’s ass with clearances behind her, stay objective if you are a real journalist. Character assasination is for scorned women!

    studs up, if you know as much about soccer as you say you do, then you know that it’s the defender’s job to clear the ball off the line if the goalkeeper is out of position or has been deked. It is not the defender’s job to relinquish the ball on sloppy clearances resulting in shots that force the goalkeeper to make acrobatic saves.

    As far as “character assassination” goes…well, if Rampone was one of those who tormented Solo in 2007, then she has no character worth assassinating.

    If Iwabuchi scored on Rampone’s mistake, you might not be celebrating a gold medal, right now. As we’ve all seen, nothing is assured when a team scores the tying goal in the 83rd. Ask the Galaxy.

    However, studs up, I do agree with your point about those “Greatness has been found” shirts. Truly unsportsmanlike. You don’t rub defeat in when your opponent is a worthy competitor that could well have beaten you.

  • studs up

    So it’s okay for the goalkeeper to be out of position and get deeked and not know how to play with her feet and …. No goalkeeper is bigger than a team, ever.

    Who gives a hoot if Solo was tormented or not and by whome. There is nothing sacrosanct about sports in this day and age. You stick together and accomplish something or you pout like a spoiled child and get an ass-whooping.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    So, studs up, you think it’s right for people to isolate and shun a fellow teammate — one who lost her father three months prior — by refusing to have her train with the team, by making her stand in the stadium tunnel during pre-game introductions, by forcing her to eat meals by herself and fly home by herself, all because she had the temerity to say what was on her mind, that she would have done a better job than her replacement in goal and that player her was a mistake (which it was) — something that any competitive professional would think?

    Studs up, there’s a vast difference between playing as a team and succumbing to mindless groupthink. Obviously, you either don’t know the difference or are too ignorant about the situation during the 2007 WWC in China.

    Also, there’s a vast difference between a goalkeeper being out of position and an experienced, allegedly world-class defender, giving a ball away in her own end.

    Either way, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • studs up

    i don’t know who Hun Solo was hugging after the final whistle, it definitely was not you the defender of the poor and the innocent.

    you have zero credibility as a journalist and even less respect as soccer pundit. So go hug tim liewiki and maybe you find some peace and tranquility in your miserable life.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Well played, studs up. When you run out of ammunition, use personal attacks. Good-bye.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Before I go, studs up, I suggest you read the following — which reinforces everything I’ve said about the 2007 WWC:

  • studs up

    don’t dish out if you can’t take it.

    i have no interest in what happened in 2007. apparantly neither do the antagonists involved. they solved their problems and moved on which is something you need to do.

    furthermore i have no interest in women’s soccer, it was good drama for a couple of weeks and that’s it for me. i’m more interested in what kind of shellacking awaites the men’s team at the Azteca next Wednesday.