Weekly Column: The English Premier League is America’s game


The club future of U.S. international Clint Dempsey remains unresolved just days before the start of the English Premier League season. Dempsey’s current club, Fulham, opens the season Saturday against Norwich live on U.S. TV (Associated Press file photo).


Clint Dempsey’s future is just one of several unresolved questions that could have a huge bearing on the English Premier League season, which begins Saturday.

“I am surprised an Arsenal or a Liverpool haven’t made an offer,” Warren Barton, soccer analyst with Los Angeles-based Fox Soccer told me in an interview Monday. “He will still have a white shirt on to start the season, but don’t be surprised it that changes in 10 to 14 days.”

Despite the failure of the Merseyside club to flash the cash for Dempsey, Barton thinks the team that fired Kenny Dalglish this season will improve greatly under new management.

“If they can keep everybody healthy like Newcastle did last season I think they can compete,” Barton said. “Will they win? I don’t believe so. But they will get back into that top five.”

Which would be a relief for Liverpool fans after recent struggles.

I take an extended look – with Barton – at the EPL in today’s column.

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  • studs up

    Another piece of irrelevant Eurosnobbery by the “soccer in and around Los Angels” bloggist.
    Read this and wheep for what you all are doing for the sport in this country. Shame,shame. Where is Paul Gardner when you need him?

  • Limey (Eurosnob and proud of it).

    Jeez Studs that’s a little harsh, not to mention unnecessary and mean spirited. Nick’s a Canary fan for goodness sake, give him a break! BTW I think your mixing your weep with your whine.

  • studs up

    Limey, you’re no Eurosnob, you follow the local game here too closely to be a true snob.

    PS – i couldn’t spell to save my own life, very sad!