Inglewood’s Villarreal sparks Galaxy to crucial win

Galaxy 2 FC Dallas 0

Game story.

“I thought Jose (Villarreal) was outstanding,” said Galaxy coach Bruce Arena. “Really an alert play to set up the first goal. A solid 30 minutes.”


David was a little sick,” said coach Bruce Arena about David Beckham heading down the tunnel early after being subbed out. “There’s a virus going around. For David to hang in there was outstanding. Great leadership. He was really not feeling well today. We wanted him to not puke on the field. He’d ruin the surface.”

MLS Standings

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    Dunivant should have been red-carded…

    Magee getting jacked didn’t look as bad on the replay but it still should have been called.

  • Nick Green


    Magee admitted in the locker room he was never even touched on that play.

    “I made a meal of it,” he said with a grin and indeed the TV replay clearly shows he dived.

    Magee is getting a bit of a rep for doing that.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    “We wanted him to not puke on the field. He’d ruin the surface.”

    Not nearly as badly as AEG has by scheduling too many event and not installing an underground drainage system.

    Has anybody else noticed that AEG like to cut corners when it suits them?

    If AEG ran the Katrina relief efforts, New Orleans would still be underwater….


    Well that explains why he didn’t get the call. Someone ought to get him the book about the boy who cried wolf. It still shocks me how upper level soccer executives don’t think diving is a problem for soccer. A few well placed suspensions after the game and the whole thing would disappear. Why people think this is a legitimate part of the game is beyond me.