Managing partners sell Chivas USA stake, more investment on horizon?


Jorge Vergara has tightened his ownership grip on Chivas USA, scooping up today the 50 percent he didn’t own along with the same partner with whom he owns CD Guadalajara, a move that removes Antonio Cue from any management role with the MLS club completely.

Interesting timing to the move given that Chivas USA’s season is all but over yet again — they are currently tied 3-3 in the second half with the New England Revolution with former Rev Shalrie Joseph notching the first two Goats goals — their fan base appears to be rapidly dwindling and a potential move from Home Depot Center is going nowhere.

The move suggests Vergara could finally be ready to make the financial investment in the club both on the playing side as well as in infrastructure it needs and its fans crave, otherwise why bother with the purchase.

The club press release didn’t reveal any specifics, however, so who knows for sure.

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  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    Nick, Vergara also might be willing to sell. I can’t see how he’s been making money, especially this year. Why would he put more money into a potentially money-losing operation? Also, I don’t know how old he is but if he’s into estate planning, he might be willing to sell.

    Chivas USA has been a marketing disaster since Day One for one reason: the name. Vergara has alienated thousands of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans who root for other Mexican clubs (especially Chivas’ hated rival, Club America), and Guatemalans and Salvadorans who don’t give half a rip about Mexican soccer. It wouldn’t matter where the club plays.